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About Prime Hortiagro Project Limited

Prime Hortiagro Projects Ltd is an agribusiness strategy and management consulting firm serving clients in a broad range of agricultural sectors and industries in India. Our goal is to help our clients focus on the essential strategies that will determine their success, and support them in the successful implementation of those strategies.

Prime Hortiagro Projects Limited is one of India's leading consulting companies, specializing in Management Consulting within Agribusiness and Food industries and Regional Development Co-operation. Prime Hortiagro Project Limited is a bouquet consulting company providing a wide range of customized consulting services for more than 20 year across 25 states in India. From its beginning, Prime Hortiagro Projects has aimed to offer innovative products and services in the agribusiness domain. Considerable knowledge was acquired during the initial years as customers grew aware of technology available and understood their needs better. Over the last few years, a plethora of new services were introduced by Prime which were observed with great interest by customers and competitors.

Prime Hortiagro is proud to see that many consulting firms and suppliers follow our initiatives, which has reinforced us as the leading agribusiness consulting company in India. This is exactly the position Prime wants and works hard to be.

While planning, implementing, managing and evaluating projects within development co-operation on behalf of numerous clients, PHPL has elaborated a large portfolio of diverse consulting services and references in the field of Regional Development, Agriculture and Food industry, Environment, Natural Resource Management, SME Development, Financing and Governance and Decentralization. Based on its professional excellence PHPL is recognized amongst its peers as a thought leader in its areas of competence. PHPL is one of very few consulting companies in India transferring know how from management consulting of the private sector to the institutional and government sector and vice versa in the addressed fields of work.

Prime Hortiagro Projects Ltd. (PHPL) has taken pride in its long record of providing the best possible service to clients with the highest level of personal and professional integrity. PHPL works with a network of affiliated consulting companies located in strategic markets across the world. We also work closely with specialized agricultural and food value chain business associates in different parts of India, which allows us to overcome language and cultural barriers while providing highly professional and well-researched solutions to our clients.

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